Friday, June 19, 2015

For the times they are a-changin'...

Just like that, June is almost over. We've known we were moving for awhile, but I've somehow delayed packing as much as I could. Now we're down to the wire and will be completely out by next week. 

We will miss living with Momo, Ben's mom. The boys simply love her and have grown accustomed to seeing her every morning. I imagine it will just make time with her even sweeter now that they won't see her as often.

The "fun" part is that we aren't moving into the house we're buying yet, because we are going to do a little remodeling first. My BFF is simply amazing and was too nice to say no when I asked if we could move in with her ;) So for our next adventure, we will move in with her, drive her crazy, then leave before she hates us all (hopefully!!). 

We are SOOO ready to be settled and move into the new place. I'm praying the remodeling and work all goes smoothly, and that I'll be patient, as those things never go completely as planned. 

We are moving into our dream house. In fact, when I found out it was going to be for sale, I started praying about it. That was last fall, maybe around October. Here we are, many months later, and God has brought us here. It may not fall into the "dream home" category for everyone, but it's simple and exactly what we've wanted. It's on a little bit of land so the boys can run and play. Maybe I'll even get some chickens ;)

Please say a prayer for us, for the transitions, and that it will all go as smoothly as possible!!

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