Wednesday, September 30, 2015


We are getting settled into our new normal. Our boys are in love with our new place. Luke is constantly saying "outside, outside, outside" and then proceeds to let himself out if we forget to lock the screen door. ;) The boys are ALWAYS dirty. Even after a bath, they somehow find a way to get dirt on them. And most of the time, I love it! I love that they are getting to be boys. Being a boymom is a lot of fun!

Our black lab, Annabelle, is loving it, too. She loves to wander all over the place, even into the neighbor's garage (oops-they weren't too happy about it). :/

The boys love to feed the dog, and she loves being fed. ;) This was Noah's chore, but Luke loves to help :)

The best thing about being "in the country" is that they can pretty much be naked at all times. Luke now thinks that if he's outside, he should be naked...haha!

These boys are definitely in their element. They LOVE the outdoors and now they have their own woods to run around in. I'm so thankful they can grow up here.

And here's my one of my favorite parts...looking out the kitchen window. It's just so peaceful in the mornings.

Today, I could have written about all the things we haven't been able to find since moving, or the stress of knowing we will have people over soon and the house is a mess, but instead, I want to share the good. I love my family. I love being with them and I'm so incredibly thankful that through all the hard times of getting to where we are now, He held us and got us here. We never imagined we'd find our "dream home" and it actually be within our budget. We know that God had a hand in it all and today I want to give Him all the glory. It could all be taken from us tomorrow, but He is still God and He is still on His throne.

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