Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How we eat...and why

I get it. People think it's obnoxious when they find out we eat primal/paleo. They think we're just following another fad. That's totally fine if that's what you think, however most people who think that about me have never bother to ask why. So I've decided it's time to answer that question. 

My mom was diagnosed with multiple auto immune diseases. Rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and lupus destroyed her body. I watched it happen and it's horrible. I had read more and more about how our damaged guts play a huge part in these diseases. I had early signs of arthritis starting in my late 20s.  I had told my mom about the pains and things I was feeling and she said it sounded exactly how arthritis started for her at my age. 

Of course I thought to myself at the time that can't happen to me. And then I started having pain pretty much constantly in my knee. It was miserable and I stopped running. I decided running must not be for me, but I hated quitting. Truth is, I let my knee be an excuse for quitting.

I started researching ways to naturally cure arthritis. Everything I read kept pointing to cutting out gluten and sugar. I hated the idea of that, but I toyed around with several gluten free recipes and realized that it was possible for it to taste good. However, I still had knee pain off and on. In 2014, I had a friend start a facebook page called "Primal Mom". I had read about paleo/primal eating, but it seemed so hard. She claimed she could make it easier, so I took the plunge. Ben and I did her 10 day detox. We both lost a good deal of weight, but better than that, I was feeling better and my knee pain was gone. We decided to repeat the detox several times, mainly because Primal Mom hadn't released more recipes yet! (-: As soon as she did, you can bet I got them! 

Here we are, a year and half later, and lots of pounds lost, and I feel great. My knee pain (presumably arthritis, but not tested) only returns when I eat sugar. Hmm...so I soon realized sugar wasn't worth it, if it meant knee pain for the days that followed.(No-I am NOT perfect. I still have sugar from time to time, but it has to something really good, or it's not even tempting to me.)

So-bottom line. My mom's diseases eventually killed her at the young age of 54. I don't want that to happen to me. I want to take care of the body God gave me here on earth so I can live fully for Him and watch my kids grow up. I hate that we didn't find this way of eating in time to help my mom. I'm positive it would have extended her life. 

I wrote this, because I know people think we are crazy because of the way we eat. However, please don't judge others for their choices. Instead, ask why! You can be curious without being judgmental. (-; I don't judge others for the way they have chosen to feed their family. This was a very personal decision for me. I want to do what I see is best for our family, and this is what works for us. :)